Sunday, 28 June 2015

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The 20.6 million retirees get from July more money. Also for the younger ones there are changes: The parental leave can be used more flexibly. With the entry into force of the new European rules on deposit guarantees to savers in turbulent times are not afraid to have their money.

Pension increase

The state pensions to rise from July 1, 2015 the former West Germany by 2.1 percent and in the new countries by 2.5 percent. The pension value - quasi the monthly pension for one year employment with average earnings - rising to 29.21 (West) or 27.05 EUR (East).

Parental allowance

So far, a parent was at least two to a maximum of twelve months parental benefit. If the partner also is at least two months for the child at home, the couple may receive support for a total of 14 months. Now there is also the parental allowance Plus. Fathers and mothers can double the performance period, when they engage in any period of part-time employment. In addition, the parental allowance is paid plus four months longer if mother and father both 25-30 hours a week during this period.

War and military service victims

Benefit entitlements as war and military service victims, but also about damaged by vaccinations, as well as victims of violence receive higher remuneration. The Plus is 2.1 percent.

Deposit guarantee

July 3, 2015, the new Deposit Insurance Act will come into force. The savings of bank customers are therefore better protected against the loss of bank failure. As before, it remains with the legally guaranteed protection of up to 100,000 euros per customer per bank. This minimum level of protection is to apply from 3 July in all 28 EU countries. "Deserving Protection" deposits up to 500,000 euros are also protected by law. These are characteristic of a deposit from the sale of a property or an occupational severance. The higher protection kicks but only for six months. In the event that a bank fails, the insured deposits will be paid within seven days in the future to savers. Until now a period of 20 days.

Seizure-free allowances

From July 1, 2015 higher seizure-free allowances for work income apply. This is to ensure that borrowers have even with a seizure of their earned income over the subsistence level and to fulfill their statutory maintenance obligations. At the same time should be avoided, that debtors are dependent on benefits due to seizure measures and has thus ultimately stand up for the public and private debt. From 1 July 2015, the monthly basic amount unpfändbare is 1073.88 euros. This amount increases when legal maintenance obligations are to be fulfilled to 404.16 euros per month for the first and for each additional monthly 225.17 euros for the second to fifth person.

HGV toll

They will be extended to additional 1100 km highway-like-developed national roads. In future must forwarders for all trucks weighing at least twelve tons including trailers, payable on these routes, the toll. You must not change. The operating company Toll Collect has the new data already transmitted via a software update to the toll devices that have the most vices installed for accurate billing kilometers. The Federal Government hopes that this additional revenue of around 80 million euros per year. On October 1, then lighter trucks from 7.5 tonnes to toll. In the next few years to the toll, which originally applied only on motorways, will be extended to include all major roads.

Penalty for fare dodgers

 Everyone caught fare dodging, must in future 60 euros zahlen.26.06.15
Big loss for transport companies
Fare dodging is more expensive
 A law for the CSU: Finally Seehofer gets his Maut27.03.15
A law for the CSU
Finally Seehofer gets its toll
 Since the introduction of the parental allowance, the fathers participation has continuously gesteigert.23.03.15
With the young at home
Rules for parental leave and money
For the first time since the age of twelve, the "increased transport rates' increased - from 40 to 60 euros. This amount must be paid, who is caught in the bus or train without a ticket or has his ticket improperly canceled. The Association of German Transport Companies (VDV) and the Department of Transportation expect from it a stronger deterrent. Many transport companies create the change but not in time. In long-distance traffic of Deutsche Bahn, in Hamburg, Munich and the Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr, the changes will apply only as from August. Berlin provides contrast to already as of 1 July. According VDV fare dodgers cost the company every year around 350 million euros.